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Manufacturer and distribution of Signal Isolation Amplifier Components. Our signal isolated amplifiers can easily be used in many applications including:
- Isolated 4-20mA current loop
- Isolated signal adjustor
- Isolated data-sampling board
- Isolated analog signal transfers
- Gnd loop elimination
- Remote supervisor
- Electric power system supervisor
- Industry process control
- Testing Instruments
- Medical apparatus


Highway T6225x Series

The T62 series are a kind of SIP (system in package) and high performance active isolated-amplifiers with voltage signal input, voltage and (or) current signal output. The products can easily provide...

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Choose a Signal Isolation

This article is quoted from E-how. Electrical transformers have several useful properties. They allow the step-up or step-down of AC voltages and the circuits attached to the primary and secondary windings are DC-isolated. For isolation transformers, the second feature is the more important. By isolating the primary from secondary circuits, ground loop and other noise problems may be reduced or eliminated from high-performance audio circuits. It's therefore a...


Short lead time for all our DC/DC converters

All the product series of low cost, unregulated, dc/dc converters, boasting quick-turn  lead times of 4 weeks or less (excluding delivery time). They are ideal for applications in various industries such as process controls, instrumentation, communications, and  telecommunications. A comprehensive lineup of models includes power  ratings of 1W or 2W, fixed input voltages ranging from  3.3VDC to 24VDC, and single or dual output voltages from 3.3VDC to 24VDC. The...


TM-CP: Active High Precision Signal Isolation Amplifier

  The TM_CP series isolation amplifier modules have a  millivolt-class positive and negative signal input and positive and negative signal output. These modules, with a high efficiency micro-power source built-in, can provide power for signal processing circuit. In the three-wire and four-wire transmitter applications, our products make customers’ design simple and helpfully improve the room-using ratio of PCB. Adopting electromagnetism isolation technology, it is...