Active High Precision Amplifier


The T_AP series are a high integration and efficiency active isolation amplifier module, with positive and negative signal input & positive signal output. These modules, with a high efficiency isolated micro-power source built-in, can provide energy for inner signal processing circuit and an isolation power out for front-end circuit. The product greatly simplifies the design of the user in the applications of three-wire and four-wire, also it improves the using room ratio of PCB. Adopting electromagnetism isolation technology, it is available to keep higher accuracy and extremely lower temperature drift more than opticalcoupler isolation. These modules have four-port isolation (input, output, power supply and isolation power output).



  • Four-port isolation(between input, output, power supply and Isolation power output)
  •  High accuracy (0.1% F.S.)
  •  High linearity (0.1% F.S.)
  •  Isolation voltage(2.5KVDC/60S)
  •  Extremely low temperature drift (35PPM/℃)
  •  Industry standard(Operating Temperature Range: -25 ~71°C)
  •  High reliability(MTBF>500,000 hours)



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