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Highway provides industrial standard (-40oC ~ +85oC) active 3-port signal isolation ampliers

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The T62 series are a kind of SIP (system in package) and high performance active isolated-amplifiers with voltage signal input, voltage and (or) current signal output. The products can easily provide power for the input , with a high-efficiency micro-power supply embedded which is isolated from the output. Where the signal isolation & the input source isolation is required, the products can greatly make the design simple and improve the system reliability. In addition, the T62 series have extremely low temperature drift characteristics. The isolation voltage is high to 3000VDC.

All our components come with 5 year quality guarantee.  Depending your order amount, we can build bespoke components to suite your requirements. Please give us your input and output parameters and we will build to your specifications.



  • International standard DIP24/SOIC24 ( UL94-V0 package )
  • Three-port isolation(Mutual 3000VDC isolation among Input,output and source)
  • Frequency response: 20KHz
  • Industry standard(Operating Temperature Range:-40 ~+85 )
  • High effiency micro-power isolation power supply build-in
  • High accuracy: 0.1 (Without Correction)
  • Extremely low temperature drift ( temperature drift<25ppm/ @-40 ~+85 )
  • Voltage and current output
  • Multi-protection ( polarity, over-current, overheat, short-circuit)
  • High reliability(MTBF>1,000,000 hours)

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